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10 importanton line Tactics to get new customers. Houston SEO .

As you go through the list, think: how can you incorporate these tactics into your overall business marketing?

  1. Search engine optimization: Getting your website to show up in Google’s non-advertising results and on yahoo / Bing. This includes the regular “organic” results as well as the local results (Google+ Local, formerly Google Places).
  2. Google PPC : pay per click AdWords search advertising: Place ads in Google when potential customers are searching for you , and on yahoo / Bing
  3. Google AdWords display advertising: Show ads to potential customers who are surfing around the internet. Includes YouTube and Gmail advertising etc etc.
  4. Bing/Yahoo/MSN advertising: Advertise in other search engines to get in front of more customers.
  5. Facebook advertising: Show ads to Facebook users. Facebook provides precise demographic and psychographic targeting of your prospective customers.
  6. Free Facebook marketing: Create your Business FREE Facebook Page, build up your Likes, and interact with your customers and prospects.
  7. Twitter marketing: Generate a tribe of followers and connect with influencers on Twitter.
  8. LinkedIn marketing: The #1 place to connect with other business people online. Especially helpful if you’re B2B.
  9. YouTube marketing: Create your channel and publish videos online. Little-known fact: YouTube is actually the 2nd biggest search engine, after Google!
  10. Blogging: Publish news, opinions, and thought leadership on your blog. Blogging is great for SEO. Also, publishing “guest post” on other blogs can expand your audience.

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