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Frequently Asked Questions

Search Engine Marketing.  PPC: Pay Per Click. FAQ

  • What is the value of a Pay-Per-Click campaign?: With SEO marketing alone at least 40% of a potential target market can be missed. PPC marketing brings that other 40% into focus and allows you to have your ads land where you need them to. While SEO is effective, covering approximately 60% of your target market, SEO is designed to rank your page on search engines while PPC can have your ads directed to specific set of pages and allow you to bid on many keywords to improve your rankings.
  • Why do I need a landing page?: Landing pages are meant to target specific needs; the links added into your original content bring customers to a specific set of pages, usually your home page for a specific product or service to help customers get through the information that is not pertinent to them. Epromotionz designs landing pages to ensure any irrelevant information is omitted and helps to bring the client directly to the information they need, helping you turn clicks into sales.
  • Why do I need a service to run my PPC campaign?: A Pay-Per-Click campaign will take a tremendous amount of time and effort to run and if you are not experienced with years of work running PPC marketing will not result in the quantity of leads and sales you are looking for. With Epromotionz by your side you will have continuous, professional monitoring of your campaign to ensure your money is not wasted on low or no quality clicks. We are Google-Certified and more than capable of helping you make profits while staying within your marketing budget.
  • Where will my ads show up?: Epromotionz campaign management ensures that your ads land on Google, Yahoo!, and Bing within the sponsored areas specifically designed for the geographic region of your choosing. Although not limited to a specific geographic region, your site can be found by anyone searching from any area, however if there is a target market for your campaign, we will bring those geo-modified keywords to your site. This tactic allows you to reach a broad range of possible customers and focus on a specific region as well.
  • What information does my Epromotionz weekly report provide?: Your weekly PPC Campaign report will provide you with all the necessary information regarding your PPC campaign that you could want or need. This report shows you a ton of details. The report give a real-time view of click information from click-through rates (the number of times an ad was clicked), amounts of clicks and impressions (the number of times your ad was displayed on a web page), as well as costs per click and where people are clicking (your landing page or a proxy page). The report also gives you pertinent information regarding lead and sales generation from your landing page. Our reports give the whole picture of how your campaign is running.

Search Engine Optimization: SEO. FAQ

  • Why SEO, and what is it?: SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which is simply targeted at bringing your website to a better ranking on search engines. This strategy is normally used by having specific key words or phrases within your content; the better the content with these phrases, the higher your site will rank on search engines. Our SEO services are designed to move your website up the rankings with this strategy, while keeping your costs low and affordable.
  • Why should I have a service to bring my web presence higher?: Epromotionz has the team and knowledge to incorporate key phrases and words into your content to bring your rankings higher. With many other factors to consider such as feedback, reviews, and relevance, we can help you make your website ranking higher than it has ever been. The goal is to get your website onto the first page of all search engines so the organic searches can find you quickly and as often as possible. Our monthly reports will also provide you with a monthly review of your website traffic and activity so you can focus your time and energy on running your business.
  • Backlinks? Why Backlinks?: Backlinks are simply links that bring a consumer from one site to another. When reading articles, reviews, or any information on the internet the words within the articles that link to another page are backlinks, usually these are the blue highlighted words. Backlinks are one way search engines rate websites, the higher quality your backlinks are the higher your content will rate. It is especially important the backlinks contained within your website point to reputable sites to raise your rankings on search engines. Epromotionz will have your landing page within directories that will help it gain relevant and high ranking backlinks to bring your website to the higher ranks of search engines.
  • When should I see results of the SEO initiative?: We will utilize the best and most up to date SEO strategies to get your website ranked high very quickly, however very quickly with any search engine can still mean from 7 to 9 weeks on average. This is due to the ranking systems used and some time for the search engines to allow a site to begin utilization, with patience, the results will come. SEO is a monthly process, one needs to start and stay with it as all major search engines like Google are constantly updating their ranking / indexing algorithms.
  • What is the difference between on-site and off-site optimization?: On-site optimization is directly working on your website page content and programming codes to help bring the ranking higher on search engines, where off-site optimization is work done in directories, articles, press releases, blog posts or listings to help create relevant backlinks to be used to point at your website. In order for your site to be seen by the most potential clients, the off-site backlinks must be created and utilized to ensure your site is pointed at most often. Our team is highly proficient at creating the proper backlinks to ensure your site will be directed as often as possible.

Websites Development. FAQ

  • Why do I need a website?: With the boom in internet marketing, social media, online shopping, and many other facets of the online industry, the question really would be why would you not want a website? More than 80% of the US is actively using the internet and that number is growing rapidly every year. Most users are looking for a product or a service and you could be their choice if you have a website that is working for you. A great website gives you the opportunity to share your story with your potential or current customers and allow them to gain the information about you and your business that will make you their first choice for the products and services you provide. With our experienced and professional team helping you design and manage your site business will grow at a rapid pace. Over 97% of these users actively use the web to research local products & services, to make informed buying decisions.
  • What can my website look like?: With our team of experts at your side, we can design any website to fit your needs. From a basic site with only a few pages to a fully functional and customized web site, we are able to build, manage, and monitor to fit all of your web design needs
  • How difficult will my website be to update and manage?: We have a range of options for website management from Basic, which is very straightforward and user friendly, to Custom, which allows for more flexibility, but is a little more daunting for the beginner. If you need a Custom site but are unsure if you can handle the website management, we are here to help. We have fully dedicated web design specialists available for you to handle any update or changes you may want to make to your site.
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