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Case Study # 1

November 9th, 2013 :: Andy Alagappan ::

1. A brief introduction to your business, how did you hear about SEO and how did you think it would help you.
We are a Manufacturers Rep for a Printed Circuit Board company as well as a Distributor of Electronic Components. I was first introduced to SEO in the development of an eCommerce website I started last year, the site was a flop and has been shut down. Needless to say my first experience with SEO marketing was not a success and I was very reluctant to give it another shot.

2. How did you search for an SEO company?
Originally I was doing my research on the net to find a company who could do my SEO marketing. I was ultimately convinced by the developer of the site that SEO companies were a waist of money and they could do all the SEO marketing for me. Big Mistake!!

3.How you found epromotionz ?
After my horrible experience with my first website development company and the ultimate flop of my first site. I sought out to focus on my core business and updated my other two websites. This time I was fortunate enough to meet a website developer who was honest and affordable. He basically explained to me that his expertise was in the programming and design of my sites and SEO Marketing is an ongoing process and that I needed to be with a company that specialized in SEO. He introduced me to Andy w/ Epromotionz and our SEO is actually working, I get multiple RFQ’s and inquiries on a daily basis.

4.How epromotionz fared Vs other SEO companies and what made you signup with epromotionz ?
Day and night compared to my last experience. I signed up based on the recommendation that was given to me by my second website developer. I was also motivated by Andy, he was very confident in their ability to make my website rank high organically.

5. Any concerns you might have had while signing up with us ?
No, based on the recommendation of my programmer and the meeting with Andy, I was confident that everything would work out.

6. How it felt working with our team and whether our team would respond to your questions and whether they followed the SEO schedule given to you?
Great service, quick responses…Andy, has done a great job of explaining what is going on with the SEO campaign as well as answering my questions.

7.How soon did you start seeing improvements in traffic and enquiries?
Very soon, I can’t remember exactly but I would say less 3 weeks. Maybe sooner, it was fast!

8.Did our work help you increase your business? If possible elaborate a little further on this.
Yes, we have had a significant increase in the number of quoting opportunities generated by our website. These opportunities have generated sales and have laid the ground work for future sales by introducing our company to new potential customers.

9.Would you recommend epromotionz to other companies?
Yes , definitely…. as long as they are not involved in the same type of business as me 🙂

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