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Case Study # 16

November 10th, 2013 :: Andy Alagappan ::

ORGANIC SEO GOAL’s : www.Consumersdefense.com wanted it’s brand name to visible as a top brand name in it’s target markets WITH PAGE ONE RANKINGS and also get qualified leads thru the web site.

CURRENT ” TOP ” Rankings In Google.com

Credit Card Debt Help In Houston11
Debt Negotiation Texas11
Debt Negotiation Program21
Credit Card Debt Negotiation31
Debt Negotiation41
Debt Negotiation Advice41
Debt Reduction Advice41
Debt Reduction Counseling41
Credit Card Debt Settlement Program51
Reduce Credit Card Debt51
Credit Card Debt61
Debt Consolidation Advice61
Debt Elimination In Texas71
Debt Negotiation America71
Avoid Debt Consolidation81
Card Credit Debt Elimination In Texas81
Credit Card Debt Advice81
Credit Card Debt Settlement81
Eliminate Your Debts91
Credit Card Debt Counseling101
Texas Debt Consolidation101

CURRENT ” TOP ” Rankings In Msn.com

Avoid Debt Consolidation11
Credit Card Debt Advice11
Credit Card Debt Help In Houston11
Credit Card Debt Reduction11
Reduce Credit Card Debt11
Card Credit Debt Elimination In Texas21
Credit Card Debt Counseling21
Credit Card Debt Negotiation21
Debt Reduction Advice21
Credit Card Debt Help41
Debt Negotiation Advice51
Credit Card Debt Solutions61
Debt Negotiation Program61
Free Debt Consultation61
Debt Negotiation America71
Credit Card Debt Payoff81

CURRENT ” TOP ” Rankings In Yahoo.com

Credit Card Debt Help In Houston11
Debt Reduction Advice31
Credit Card Debt Negotiation41
Free Debt Consultation51
Card Credit Debt Elimination In Texas71
Credit Card Debt Advice91
Avoid Debt Consolidation91
Debt Negotiation Advice101
Debt Elimination In Texas101

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