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Case Study # 24

November 10th, 2013 :: Andy Alagappan ::


1) A brief introduction to your business, how did you hear about SEO & PPC and how did you think it would help you.
We’re a software company in a very competitive niche market. We wanted to elevate our organic search engine rankings to get more leads through our website. At the time, we were doing some PPC advertising and did not think we needed any help.

2) How did you search for an SEO /PPC company?
We first tried sending our marketing director to a seminar on SEO optimization, thinking we could do it ourselves. That turned out to be a waste of time and money, so we sought referrals from friends who had successful SEO campaign experiences. The first SEO company we tried also failed to achieve any notable results. Then we tried epromotionz, and everything changed.

3) How did you find epromotionz? word of mouth , search engines etc ..
Word of mouth

4) How has epromotionz fared Vs other SEO/PPC Companies and what made you signup with epromotionz ?
Epromotionz has done an outstanding job. After trying and failing to do SEO in-house, we hired a different SEO company. The company did not succeed and was very unresponsive to our needs and requests. Not only was epromotionz very accommodating and responsive to our needs, they did an outstanding job with our SEO (7 page one Google rankings!!).

After epromotionz started achieving success with our SEO, they proposed managing our PPC campaign. We never thought we needed much help in that area, but after hearing the proposal and seeing the SEO success, we thought we’d give it a try. So far so good.

5) Did you have any concerns signing up with us?
With any company tasked with such an important project, there will be concerns, especially with a project like SEO. It is a process that takes a few months to see the benefits, so some patience is required. As well as trust. We waited patiently, trusted their advice, and sure enough, our SEO rankings started to improve.

It was the same thing with the PPC campaign, except the results were much more immediate. Epromotionz does a lot to manage and hone our PPC campaign, much more than what we could do in-house.

6) Please describe your experiences working with our team? Were they responsive? Did they meet the SEO /PPC schedule given to you?
Very responsive.

7) How soon did you start seeing improvements in traffic and enquiries from your epromotionz SEO & PPC Campaigns?
SEO: 3 – 6 months or so. Results showed up in Yahoo! searches sooner than Google.

PPC: Immediately

8) Did our work help you increase your business? If possible elaborate a little further on this.
Yes. We are receiving more leads from our website as a direct result of improved SEO rankings and better PPC placement.

9) Would you recommend epromotionz SEO / PPC Services to other companies?

10) Additional comments
Don’t waste your time trying to figure out SEO on your own. It’s a full time job that requires a lot of specialized knowledge that is constantly changing. The epromotionz team knows what they are doing, they are extremely good at what they do, and they are VERY affordable.

Same advice for a PPC campaign. There is a lot to be done to maximize the effectiveness of a PPC campaign we simply did not know. The epromotionz team brought a lot of skill and knowledge to the project we simply did not know we were lacking, and improved our PPC results.

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