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November 10th, 2013 :: Andy Alagappan ::


  1. How has epromotionz fared Vs other SEO/PPC Companies and what made you signup with epromotionz ?
    Epromotionz has done an outstanding job.& they are proven and experienced . epromotionz very accommodating and responsive to our needs in a very timely fashion, they did an outstanding job with our SEO (see page one rankings!!).
  2. Did you have any concerns signing up with us?
    SEO is a process that takes a few months to see the benefits, so some patience is required.We waited patiently, trusted their service, and sure enough, our SEO rankings started to improve.
  3. Please describe your experiences working with our team? Were they responsive? Did they meet the SEO /PPC schedule given to you?
    Very responsive .Delivers results !

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