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Case Study # 4

November 9th, 2013 :: Andy Alagappan ::

1) A brief introduction to your business, how did you hear about SEO and how did you think it would help you.
I met Andy at a Houston Networking News (HNN) networking function. I have to admit that I was skeptical about Andy’s pronouncements that his SEO service company would get my company on the first pages of the top search engines based on key words. I was skeptical because had already invested hundreds of dollars with several Internet companies that turned out to be scams.

2) How did you search for an SEO company?
Through the Internet and finally through networking where I met Andy.

3) How you found epromotionz ?
Finally through networking where I met Andy.

4) How epromotionz fared Vs other SEO companies and what made you signup with epromotionz ?
Epromotionz did exactly what they said they would do. My company Fearless networkers is in the top position and first page of a half dozen key word phrases of the top search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN and Alta Vista.

5) Any concerns you might have had while signing up with us ?
My initial skepticism vanished after just a few weeks.

6) How it felt working with our team and whether our team would respond to your questions and whether they followed the SEO schedule given to you?
Andy provides value-added service far beyond just meeting my requirements. He provides terrific articles, blogs, informative e-mails and relevant web sites almost on a weekly basis. This information is always aimed at helping me, through practical tips/advice, market my small business and increase sales revenue and profit.

7) How soon did you start seeing improvements in traffic and enquiries?
In less than 2 weeks!

8) Did our work help you increase your business? If possible elaborate a little further on this.
Following the suggestions Andy provides and continuing my participation in epromotionz’s SEO program, has definitely helped increase my business and even better, given me the exposure I originally hope for.

9) Would you recommend epromotionz to other companies?
I have and will continue to do so. Because epromotionz is a customer-focused, quality oriented company. My experience with them has been very, very satisfying.

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