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Case Study # 5

November 9th, 2013 :: Andy Alagappan ::

1. A brief introduction to your business, how did you hear about SEO and how did you think it would help you.
EnergyImages.Com, L.L.C. provides specialty oil and gas photography for immediate online purchases for wall art, advertising, print collateral, safety posters and more. A Fortune 500 favorite.

2. How did you search for an SEO company?
I didn’t have a clue who to hire. I emailed an Answer.com site asking questions on who I could hire to handle the work, and they did not have a reasonable reply. People I asked said I had to wait and that everything was already done to my site that could be done, that I had to wait. My web master said everything was done and complete and there was nothing needed to be done. I think I even asked Jeeves and he didn’t know the answer.

3. How you found epromotionz ?
I met Andy Alagappan at my tradeshow booth at the WBEA show. He introduced himself, and followed up with my immediate needs. I have seen him at numerous luncheons and events since then.

He followed up with me in a meeting at my office. Andy is very likable in person because he’s very caring, professional, and offers a unique service and comes across very honest and sincere.

4. How epromotionz fared Vs other SEO companies and what made you signup with epromotionz ?
I don’t know how he fairs with other companies, since I haven’t hire anyone to do it before, other than my web masters, and I was not getting results with my designers. Andy made me sign up, I made it clear to him what i needed, and he made it clear to me what he could do, and that’s what I wanted, I couldn’t afford any more spending, but I took the chance with Andy because I felt I was loosing money by not having my site optimized. It was all a risk for me, and I am so pleased I met Andy and that he kept his word. Site optimization is so confusing to me, and I didn’t have the time to spend on it.

5. Any concerns you might have had while signing up with us ?
My only concern was that I was wasting my money, as I needed immediate results, I didn’t want to guess, or wait, I wanted results. Andy kept his promise. I am very pleased and proud I met him.

Please keep up the good work, I greatly appreciate what you and your group has done for my site.

6. How it felt working with our team and whether our team would respond to your questions and whether they followed the SEO schedule given to you?
It was all good, Andy was always a pleasure. I would like to say my challenges are that — I am not much into talking about the entire process at once..I didn’t have time for the details or maybe I don’t want to make time for it and that’s my fault, I find it a little on the tiring side of all the hats I have to wear, I just wanted it done, as time goes on, I hope I understand all that Andy has tried to explain to me. I am more visual and trying to deal with my web masters inability to keep up with Andy’s ideas. I couldn’t change how my web masters were responding, so I do lack control right now of my site, that will take time as I learn more in how to handle the details.

What would help, is I need very simple, specific instructions, instead of lots and lots of stuff, and some way to follow up on what has been done and hasn’t been done…because than none of it will get done by my web-master. All the success is what Andy has done.

Andy always responded, immediately and right after the following the immediately, Andy never ever ever left me hanging on a question, he always answered my questions, if anything, he worked hard, very hard on my site, and I greatly appreciated it, I am so happy Andy knows what he’s doing. Actually Andy called me every day and sometimes more for several weeks. And I admired him for not loosing interest even when I didn’t have time to deal with it, because I was out on jobs.

7. How soon did you start seeing improvements in traffic and enquiries?
I would have to research the first check I wrote to Andy, and then the first time I noticed”: I sent Andy a note saying I was optimized and that I was very happy….I believe that was last Dec’06.
Andy would know this answer.

8. Did our work help you increase your business?
If possible elaborate a little further on this.
I notice more calls. As far as more sales, i think I see more consistency in the sales, instead of just at one lump from one or two calls, it’s more spread out, and not so many black out weeks. Time will tell in this question.

9. Would you recommend epromotionz to other companies?
Absolutely Yes! Yes. Thank you so much for all the great work Andy! Mieko

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