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Need to have Call-to-Action in various parts of your website

Fact : people don’t buy “features “. They buy benefits. Your website visitor is searching for a solution that fixes a problem!!

Your website will “connect” with your visitor by educating them on why your product or service is the answer to their current problem and why your company service is the best source to deliver this solution.

Most prospects that go to your web site are ready to be sold. Once you’ve provided a convincing argument that your company is the one they need, make it easy for them to engage with you. Depending on where they are in the decision process – whether in early stages of information gathering to they’ve got their credit card ready – you will need call-to-actions.

Each call-to-action has a different degree of interest for your prospect.

Some call-to-action examples include:

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Prospects like to be told what actions to take. It makes things easier for them. So do it. Suggest action in various ways throughout your website:

In your navigation buttons
Use various types of request forms
Hyperlink your text into a request for more info form

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