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Driving Website Traffic : Sources

Potential Prospect Sources & Service Descriptions:

Prospect type Marketing method

Service Description involved to reach Prospects

First time prospects >> Search Engines

Thru SEO Services

Keywords based. Websites are indexed by search engine robots applications (called spiders) and added into search engines databases. Prospects reach these websites by searching for information they are interested in by typing in key phrases and words about the services they need . SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is required to list websites organically in these search engine Results pages . SEO is an iterative monthly process . On-Going monthly service is needed to maintain  Top rankings on Google , Yahoo , MSN  etc..

PPC  > google ad’s                        Yahoo ad’s  etc

Pay per Click / Pay per Impression systems. Keyword based systems. Highly targeted, website related keywords must be chosen. In this marketing method a constant amount of money must be paid for a website link (banner / AD) click or display.

PPC  campaigns  can be started and stopped  any time ; depends on  allocated Budget .


Links to a website must be placed into a highly targeted category of a directory. Prospects come by browsing categories of directories they are interested in .

Link exchange / Ad    Exchange
Direct links and banners exchange between websites.
Direct marketing

Direct marketing through traditional media: Television, magazines, newspapers, telephone marketing, Mailing brochures&   Postcards .


visitors >>

e-mail subscriptions

Visitors subscribe to website’s newsletter or e-zine systems. They are always in touch with company’s announcements products and services

Fresh and attractive site content.
News, fresh and  free information and free downloads keep visitors coming back .
Web Traffic Sources % Importance
Search Engine Optimization 66.69
Classified and Directories 19.38
Direct Marketing 9.43
Link Exchange & Others 4.93

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