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Google Breaks 60% – U.S. July Search Volume Numbers

In addition to market share of visits and page impressions, one of the statistics that Hitwise compiles is the volume of searches executed on the top search engines. Given our large sample, “top” is defined as 57 search engines used by U.S. internet users during a four week period.

Below is a table showing the top three engines Google, Yahoo! Search and MSN Search for the four weeks ending July 29, 2006.


As you can see, the top engines combined account for over 94% of all search volume in the US. Since we last released these numbers in June 2006, Google (www.google.com) has increased its share from 59.3% to 60.2%, Yahoo! Search (search.yahoo.com) has increased from 22.0% to 22.5% and MSN Search (search.msn.com) has decreased slightly from 12.1% to 11.8%.

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