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The Growth Of Social Media In B2B Internet Marketing

The term SMO = social media marketing generally implies the use of online communities, blogs and social networks and other online media for the purpose of sales, marketing, customer service and public relations The word social media itself implies those web properties where the content is mainly published by the users themselves and not through those who are the direct and actual employees of that web property. The varied twitter uses and benefits often help in this very purpose.

When it comes to marketing through a social media, the first and foremost thing required is the creation of buzz. This means that some newsworthy event or blog entry or even a tweet has to be made. This is the first step in creation of buzz and dispenses with the requirement of any press releases. The news which is put up does not necessarily need to be in relation to the product or service which the company seeks to promote. An amusing or even a compelling message on twitter, which carries the logo of the company, has been successfully used to create a viral campaign. Many times, the inclusion of an incidental tagline is employed for this purpose. This is a part of twitter uses and benefits, which allow the company to instantly reach hundreds of users instantly and simultaneously.

Others like facebook and myspace are also employed by companies to help in promotion of their services and products. One of the facebook uses and benefits is that corporate public pages can be maintained where anyone may become the company’s fan. Apart from this there can be groups where particular products may be discussed. Fans of the company may help in the promotion of any service through social media venues, or the corporation may promote online conversations regarding its services. Then there is myspace. It makes use of a combination of photos, weblogs, emails, user profiles and forums. Corporations can derive methods of increasing online presence from myspace uses and benefits. The creation of a company profile is helpful in having better media coverage.

Social media marketing is becoming a certain and fixed tool for marketing and promotion of the products and services of the various corporations. The ability of the corporation to reach millions of users around the globe is the most attractive aspect of social media marketing. It is much more effective than the traditional methods of promotion which are usually employed.

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