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FACT : Without top rankings in major search engines for words and phrases related to your products and services, you are missing the bulk of your potential customers.

Do you understand the value of each web site visitor ?

Do you really know how they search?

Start with the basics. MarketingSherpa also underscores the importance of being at the top of the search results. The top three natural results get 59.7% of natural clicks. With PPC, the top ad gets 51% of the total clicks. The ads ranking second get 24.2% of PPC clicks. Last month, Oneupweb offered some fresh perspectives about conversions that can be expected from keyword combinations. Conversions increased with longer search phrases – growing gradually up to four words.

It all comes down to how many customers your company will need to pay for your SEM / SEO monthly investment. A conversion is great, but the cost per converted lead is what will count at the end of the day. You may need hundreds of thousands of new customers. Some firms may only need a handful.

To grasp the potential of SEO, it’s important to view projects in terms of a Before and After scenario. MarketingSherpa, in its survey of 545 marketers and SEO agencies, found that unique traffic increased 73% when comparing visits before and after SEO was implemented (six months later).


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