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Website Design Guidelines To Improve Visitor Conversion Rates

Understand the Purpose of Your Site

  • Is your site an information portal?
  • Is your site a lead generation site?
  • Is your site an e-commerce site ? B2C ? B2B ?
  • Is your site a support site

The more targeted traffic on your website is, the better your conversion rates will be. Focus your efforts on driving high-volume traffic to your site. To attract traffic relevant to your message, you should consider the content of your website, site description, newsletter & blog topics, affiliate relationships and inbound and outbound links. Ensure that your content and positioning of your message is sharply focused with your ultimate objective in mind – converting visitors into sales, subscribers, contributors to blogs and forums etc.

1. Website should load fast. The next site is a click away. If your site loads slowly your visitor clicks away and you have lost a potential customer. Usually, graphics, animations, are the cause of slow loading pages. Your can use some software, available free on the internet, to reduce the size of your graphics so that they load fast.

2. Site should have a professional look about it. It should at first glance portray a quality site. This adds a lot of credibility to the site. The site is then seen as a serious site vs a ameturish looking site done by uncle Bob.

3. State you business value you offer. Let your visitor know what your site is about in a few words. Give the visitor what he is looking for.

4. Arrange your content. Whether you are using Tables or CSS for site design, make sure your content is arranged in such a way that the visitor moves from one section of the site to another without confusion or frustration

5. Include your Privacy Policy, Contact Us, About Us. This builds some element of trust. Visitors see the fact that they are there builds credibility.

6. Check for bad grammar or typos. Check and crosscheck your content. Ask somebody to read through your content and point out grammatical errors and typos. Be professional .

7. Use banners sparingly. Do not allow your banners to distract your visitors from the desired action to be taken.

Need to know your present conversion rates. It is only logical that before any action is taken to improve conversion rates, the present conversion rates are known.

Know Your Site Goals

  • Determine your site goals first and foremost
  • Ensure they are realistic and that they are measurable

Measuring Conversions is key !!

  • New account sign-ups
  • Contact Us form completions
  • Number of PDF or brochure downloads
  • Article views
  • Press Release Views
  • Case Study downloads
  • Online Sales
  • News Letter Signups
  • Page Views & time spent on your site & # of paged viewed
  • Returning Visitors
  • Sales volume trends

The desired action may be clicking through to another page, filling out information, downloading content, or purchasing a product or service.

Converting website visitors into paying customers is the ultimate definition of conversion . Conversion = sales

To be successful as B2B & B2C marketers in today’s competitive market environment, establishing an online competitive advantage over your competition is not something you should do, it is something that you must do.

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